This document describes how to install and run the latest version of Snow Inventory Agent for Linux. Some functionality described in this document may work differently or not at all in previous versions.

The Snow Inventory Agent for Linux is used for inventory of Linux computers. The agent scans the computer and saves the collected data to a compressed and encrypted file, which is sent to a Snow Inventory server (Master Server or Service Gateway).

For detailed information on the configuration of the agent, see Configuration of Snow Inventory Agents.


Dependency on other Snow products

Snow Inventory Agent for Linux can only be used with Snow Inventory Server 5 or 6.

Supported operating systems

For information on supported operating systems, see Snow System Requirements.

Java Runtime Environment

To be able to inventory Oracle database products by using the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner (SIOS), the target computer is required to have Java Runtime Environment 6 (1.6), 7 or 8 installed.


The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7.0_07 contains a defect with the consequence that the Oracle inventory does not work. Any server running JRE 1.7.0_07 must upgrade to a later version for the Snow Inventory Oracle Scanner to work properly.

Hardware inventory

To gather hardware information, the Snow Inventory Agent for Linux uses the dmidecode command which needs to be installed on the target computers.

Principle of least privileges

The list shows the commands that are used by the Snow Inventory Agent for Linux. The user running the agent needs to have access to all of the commands.

The agent searches for commands in  /usr/bin , /bin , /usr/sbin , /sbin, and /usr/local/bin.

  • awk=0

  • dmesg

  • dmidecode

  • dnsdomainname

  • dsconfig

  • findmnt

  • grep

  • ifconfig

  • ip

  • java

  • last

  • ldconfig

  • lsb_release

  • lspcu

  • lspci

  • mount

  • ps

  • rpm

  • sed

  • sudo

  • systemd_detect_virt

  • uname

  • usb_devices


The minimum sudo version required by the Snow Inventory Agent for Linux is sudo 1.7.8. If the agent needs to be run with an older version, the recommendation is running as root.

Example 51. Sudoers configuration

In this example;

  • the user snow has permissions to run all commands in the SNOWAGENT list as any other user (including root),

  • the Cmnd_Alias creates an alias for one or several commands. It is a comma-separated list where all commands must be written on one and the same row,

  • the Inventory agent will only use sudo for commands that are prefixed by NOPASSWD:, or has the default parameter !authenticate set, since it runs "non-interactive".

Cmnd_Alias SNOWAGENT = /usr/bin/awk, /usr/bin/dmesg,
/usr/sbin/dmidecode, /usr/bin/env, /usr/bin/findmnt, /usr/bin/grep,
/usr/sbin/ifconfig, /usr/bin/java, /usr/bin/javac, /usr/bin/last,
/usr/sbin/ldconfig, /usr/bin/lsb_release, /usr/sbin/lspci, /usr/sbin/modprobe,
/usr/bin/mount, /usr/bin/ps, /usr/bin/rpm, /usr/bin/sed,
/usr/bin/systemd-detect-virt, /usr/bin/wc, /usr/bin/uname,



If a command is configured in sudoers to be run without providing a password, that path will be used before the search path of the agent.


If the keyword ALL is used to allow the snow user sudo rights to any command it needs to be the last keyword on the line.