The scanning process

The Snow Inventory Agent for macOS scans the computers regularly, which by default is once every 24 hours. By configuration, it is possible to schedule when the agent should scan; for example at 01:00 am every day, at 4:05 am every Sunday, or at 00:30 am on the first of every month.

Using the system setting env.allowonlyonescanperday, the agent will check when the last scan was performed before it starts a new one. If it was run the same day, no new scan will be performed. This means that a scheduled scan will never be performed more frequently than once a day. This check is not done when a scan is run from the command line.

Configuration of scan scheduling:

  • The scan scheduling is defined in:


When the scan is completed, the agent sends the inventory file with all scan data to a Snow Inventory Server. If the agent for any reason cannot send data to the server, it will by default try again every 15 minutes. The inventory data file is stored until the data has been sent successfully. The total number of inventory files that can be stored is decided by the system setting send.max_scan_result_backlog_count in the configuration file.

Scanning the file systems

Snow Inventory Agent for macOS gathers information by scanning the file systems.

All file system types are scanned except for those listed for exclusion in the agent configuration file (<Software> <Exclude> <Filesystem>). Also, the file system types in the table below are all excluded from the scan by default and cannot be included using the include criteria.

Excluded file system types