This document describes how to install and run the latest version of Snow Inventory Agent for Windows. Some functionality described in this document may work differently or not at all in previous versions.

The Snow Inventory Agent for Windows is used for inventory of Windows computers. The agent scans the computers and saves the collected data to a compressed and encrypted file, which is sent to a Snow Inventory server (Master Server or Service Gateway).

The agent can be installed locally on each computer, which is recommended, or be used as an agentless/zero-footprint solution, where the Inventory Agent is not locally installed. In the agentless/zero footprint scenarios each computer is scanned either with the agent as a part of a logon script, or as a remotely executed command.

The benefit of having the agent installed locally is that it can meter usage of computer applications. When an inventory scan of a computer is triggered remotely or via a logon script, no metering data is collected.

For detailed information on the configuration of the agent, see Configuration of Snow Inventory Agents.


Dependency on other Snow products

Snow Inventory Agent for Windows can only be used with Snow Inventory Server 5 or 6.

Supported operating systems

For information on supported operating systems, see Snow System Requirements.System Requirements


The agent is designed to run using the highest operating-system privileges. This is by design to ensure that an operating system can be entirely scanned, inventoried, and measured.

It is possible to run the agent by using limited privileges. This can result in different problems, depending on how the agent is configured: it may not run at all, only collect limited results, not be able to inventory running processes, etc.

Due to the diversity of possible configurations, running the agent with limited privileges is not supported.