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This document describes functionality in the latest versions of products. Some functionality described in this document may work differently or not at all in previous versions.

The Snow Inventory Agent can be installed locally on each computer, or be used as a zero footprint inventory solution with no locally installed agent on the computer. In the zero footprint inventory scenarios each computer is inventoried using the Snow Inventory Agent as a remotely executed command.

Note that for a zero footprint inventory, no application usage data is gathered.

Supported operating systems

Zero footprint inventory is available for Windows, Linux, Unix, and macOS platforms.

For information on supported operating systems, see Snow System Requirements.


For information on required privileges of the account that will run the remote inventory scan, refer to the user guide for each Inventory agent.



To capture Platform Configurations and extract software information

Snow Agent

A set of binaries and a running process on an operating system

Agentless Remote Scan

Central Authority (server) that remotely connects to an operating system with permission to execute queries using native technologies*.

Zero Footprint

Remotely executes the agent (starts a new process) on each operating system, and leaves no trace after execution.

*  Native Technology - No additional technology is required in any case to perform all required actions.