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Using the agent in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

When using Snow Inventory Agent for Windows in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), some configuration settings must be applied to ensure accurate capture of all activities on each virtual desktop.

VDI awareness

To utilize the functionality for VDI and VDA license calculations in Snow License Manager, the computer needs to be aware that it is a part of a VDI. This is achieved by using a system setting in the configuration file:


Typically this configuration is set during the creation of the MSI package but can also be modified after deployment using the Snow Inventory Admin Console.

Agent installation

The Snow Inventory Agent must be installed on all virtual desktops. This can be achieved either by installing the agent in the golden image (the archetypical version of a cloned disk), or by deploying it as a part of a VDI provisioning process.

Capture assurance

For VDI environments—particularly for non-persistent VDI environments—Snow Software recommends performing at least two scan actions:

  1. Schedule a full scan after the VDI instance is started and has all relevant software deployed to it; for this purpose, it is possible to use the Snow Inventory Agent scheduler or any alternative method to run the following command, as described in Initiate a scan of online computers:

    sc.exe control SnowInventoryAgent5 128
  2. Execute one or more aggregations and sendings of metering data by running the following command, as described in Initiate a scan of online computers:

    sc.exe control SnowInventoryAgent5 132


    This command can be included in a script, for example, the Windows logoff script or in the shutdown script for the VDI instance.

To ensure that all VDI sessions and application usage within the VDI are captured, a script needs to be executed as a part of closing down the Virtual Desktop session. The script will trigger the scan and send the result to a Snow Inventory Server before allowing the session to terminate. Depending on what infrastructure the VDI is running on, different solutions exist for running scripts as a part of the VDI decommission. Be aware that the sc command is asynchronous; Snow Software recommends implementing logic that allows the sc task to finish before shutting down/logging off. For more information, contact Snow Support.