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Currency management

The Currency management page is used for viewing and managing currency settings.

In the list, the currency which is selected to be displayed as default throughout Snow License Manager is indicated by the Is Base Currency check box. The base currency is set during the installation of Snow License Manager. Additional currencies can be added manually and are set based on their relation to the base currency.

Example 20.

The base currency is by default Euro, with the currency rate 1. You then want to add SEK as a currency. The value of 9 SEK equals 1 Euro, you therefore set the currency rate for SEK to 9.

The different currencies are automatically recalculated to the set base currency. Users can register license purchases in the local currency, while allowing follow-ups and financial analyzes in the base currency. A user defines its default currency in the SLM Web UI.

If you want to change a currency rate, you have the possibility to save the previous rate as history. To display any changes made to a currency, select the currency in the list and click View history. The history is presented in the separate Currency history window.


When you save historical currency rates and then add, for example, a license cost from a past date, the currency rate valid at that date will be used when converting the cost to other currencies.