This document is valid for Snow Inventory Server versions 5 and 6 and for Snow License Manager versions 8 and 9.

The Snow Inventory 5 and Snow License Manager 8 applications store all their data in SQL databases, and use SQL accounts with Database Owner privileges to write and read information. The database used by Snow Inventory 5 is called SnowInventory and for SLM it is called SnowLicenseManager.

Snow recommends to move both databases (SnowInventory and SnowLicenseManager) at the same time and make sure that the SQL accounts related to the databases are moved or re-created. If you need to recreate the accounts, see the permissions table in Additional information.


Before moving databases:

  • Make sure that the new server/instance has the same collation as the databases

  • Make sure that Data Update Job is not running

  • Make sure that the last run of Data Update Job was successful

  • Take a full backup of the Inventory and Snow License Manager databases