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Software usage metering

Software usage, for example information about who is using an application and when the application was last used, is shown in Snow License Manager web user interface. The following software usage metering data is shown for applications with a registered usage:

  • Name: The name of the user that was using the application.

  • Last used: The date and time of the last known usage of the application.

    The date and time settings, for example time zone, of the local computer is used.

  • Run: How many times the application has been started.

    For more information, see the User Guide for Snow Inventory Agent for Windows.

  • Total time (days:hh:mm): The total duration that the application has been run.

    The total time does not include time when the screen is locked, in sleep mode, or hibernated.

    Multiple instances of the same application are disregarded. For example, if a user has ten Microsoft Word documents open for an hour, the total time is one hour and not ten hours.

  • Per run (hh:mm): The average time per run.

    For example, the average time per run is 44 min if the total time is 22 hours and the application has been run 30 times.