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Client certificates

Snow Inventory Server can be configured to identify trusted clients using client certificate authentication. If the feature is enabled for an Inventory Server, it will only accept connections from clients with a valid client certificate.

In the Client certificates view, you can add, edit, and delete certificates for clients that must connect to an Inventory Server using client certificate authentication.

To go to the Client certificates view:

  • In the category menu, expand Administration and then select Client certificates.

    A list of all registered client certificates, if any, for the Inventory Server is displayed, including information such as the Snow Inventory Server URL, API key, and which certificate is used by default in the authentication process.

To add a new client certificate that has been generated by you or your third-party provider, together with a password, and stored in a location accessible by Snow Management and configuration Center:

  1. In the Client certificates view, select New Client Certificate.

    The Add Client Certificate dialog box opens.

  2. In the Inventory DB box, select the name of the Snow Inventory database.

  3. In the Client Certificate Name box, enter a name for the certificate.

  4. Select the Is default checkbox if you want the new certificate to be used by default in the client certificate authentication process.

  5. In the Client Certificate File box, enter the path to where the client certificate file is located.

  6. In the Client Certificate Description box, enter a short description of the certificate.

  7. In the Client Certificate Password box, enter the password for the certificate.

  8. Select OK to save the settings and close the dialog box.

  9. In the Client certificates view, select Test Client Certificate to test if a connection can be established between the client and the server using the new client certificate.

    A message will inform of whether the test was successful or not.