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Configure settings for compliance calculation


Settings for compliance calculation can only be configured for Snow License Manager.

The Compliance service for Snow License Manager can be tuned for performance based on two parameters in the SnowSoftware.LicenseManager.Licensing.Service.exe.config file:

  • The batchSize=”x” parameter is an integer between 1 and 10,000 that specifies the number of applications that should be fetched and calculated simultaneously.

    This is set to 5000 by default.

  • The parallelBatches=”x” parameter is an integer that defines the number of batches that can be calculated simultaneously.

    This is set to 2 by default.

For maximum performance, a batch size of 5000 and greater than 10 batches in parallel is recommended. However, this will have a significant impact on the memory consumption of the service, depending on the size of the Snow License Manager platform. For example, a platform with 500,000 devices required 64 GB of memory to perform optimally.

Performance can also be improved by increasing the number of processor cores available to the service, especially when Compliance is configured to run batches in parallel.

To change the batch size or number of parallel batches when calculating compliance:

  1. Open the SnowSoftware.LicenseManager.Licensing.Service.exe.config file located in the folder C:\Program files\Snow Software\Snow License Manager\Services\Licensing.

  2. In the Compliance tag, set the batchSize and parallelBatches to the desired values.

    Example 28.
    <compliance useLocalSettings="false" batchSize="5000" connectionTimeout="00:30:00" parallelBatches="11">