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Invalid license assignments

A license is regarded as invalidly assigned when a license purchase has been registered with an assignment type and a quantity, and assignments have been made but conditions might have changed.


Only licenses with assignment type Computer/datacenter or User risk to be invalidly assigned. Licenses with assignment type Organization or Site are automatically distributed within the specified organization, or cover the specified site.

Examples of scenarios where a license is considered invalid:

  • The license has been assigned to a deleted user or computer, or to an inactive computer.

  • The license has been assigned to a computer/datacenter, but the assigned quantity exceeds the required quantity.

  • The license has been assigned to a computer/datacenter, but the application/family is not installed on that computer/datacenter

  • The license has been assigned to a user that has not used the application nor any application in the family within the specified metering period.

In Snow License Manager, information on invalid license assignments can be found here:

  • In Application details and on the Compliance tab, see information on number of licenses with Invalid assignments.

  • In the report All licenses, add the column Invalid assignment from the Column selector.

  • In the alert report Invalid license assignments and the column Reasons for invalid assignments.

For assignment type Computer/datacenter:

  • In License details and on the Assignment tab, see reasons for any discrepancies