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Migrate Adobe Creative Cloud data

This section describes how to migrate Adobe Creative Cloud data from version 9.8.0 to 9.8.1 of Snow License Manager. To complete the migration successfully, read this section, and section Adobe Creative Cloud data model carefully, and follow the steps.



From Snow License Manager 9.14, the EventStore is decommissioned completely as a service. To not lose any historic data, you are advised to run an aggregation of the Adobe Creative Cloud integration connector, at least once, while you are still on any version between 9.8.1 and 9.13.1.

Adobe Creative Cloud event-sourced data is saved in the Snow License Manager database in the ew schema. For more information about how event data is stored, see Snow Event Warehouse.

The default folder for migration to Snow License Manager 9.8.1 is the adobecc subfolder of the %Programdata%\SnowSoftware \LicenseManager\EventStore path. No configuration is needed to start the EventStore migration.

After the migration, the adobecc folder is kept as a backup, but is not used by the system. Do not remove the EventStore files before the migration is completed, because the files contain historical data.

SQL database changes

The database schema adobecc changes when upgrading to Snow License Manager 9.8.1 and the data in adobecc schema tables is erased. For details on the schema changes, see Schema changes.


Before the upgrade, verify that no data aggregation from Snow Integration Manager is running or is scheduled. There is no need to create a backup of the EventStore.

Data migration

Snow License Manager is upgraded to version 9.8.1 through the Snow Update Service. As soon as the upgrade is completed, the adobecc schema is recreated in Snow License Manager MSSQL database and the data migration process is initiated. The progress of the data migration can be seen in the Adobe CC logs. It is not possible to see in Snow Update Service whether the data migration was successful or not.

Snow Update Service will only display when the upgrade to version 9.8.1 has completed, and then trigger the start of data migration.


The migration time depends on the Adobe Creative Cloud data size and the number of historical events. You cannot see any Adobe Creative Cloud data in the Snow License Manager user interface before the migration has completed, so you should plan for this if you have a large EventStore database. The Snow License Manager application is still available during the migration. The migration can run in parallel to the data update job, but the migration will be slower if it is run in parallel.

Track the progress of the data migration

Read the Adobe CC log to track the data migration progress and verify its completion. The following texts will appear in the log in this given order:

  1. Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Migrations and Applying migration

    In this phase the new adobecc data schema is applied to the SQL database.

  2. Successfully connected to EventStore


    If the EventStore is not started, there will be a log message stating that a connection to the EventStore could not be made. In that case, start the SnowLicenseManagerEventstoreService and also restart the SnowLicenseManagerAdobeCCService.

  3. Eventstore event migration required xyz events to migrate,

    where xyz is the number of events to migrate.

  4. The progress of the migration in percentage.

  5. Migration completed

    This means that all EventStore data has been migrated to the ew and adobecc database tables. After this, AdobeCC compiles a service mapping, conducts the user linking, user activities mapping, and read models.

  6. Insights construction completed for tenant

    This is most likely the last log message during the refresh of ReadModel, Reports and Insights.

    Check that the last log was written by the Adobe CC service, and that was at least 5 minutes ago.

Run another Snow Integration Manager aggregation

After the migration, when the ReadModels and Reports have completed, run a new Snow Integration Manager aggregation to ensure that all links between users and subscriptions plans are updated correctly.