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SaaS overview

The SaaS overview provides an initial overview of which SaaS (Software as a Service) service providers are being used in the organization, by which users and how much they are using them. For a number of key SaaS service providers, the overview shows for example how many subscriptions have been purchased, who has been assigned the subscription and what is their cost.

The information is imported from the service providers via Snow Integration connectors, see User guide for SaaS connectors.

The information on the SaaS overview is organized in content tabs. On each content tab, a graph enables the user to analyze the information during a period of time and a table enables the user to analyze detailed information since the last import.

The functionality is broken down into thee levels, starting at an aggregate overview, then drilling down into more details. Click a SaaS service provider to drill down into more details for the specific SaaS provider, and then click a subscription to drill down into more details for the specific subscription type. The following table describes the first level of information.

Content tab


Total user accounts

A graph enables the user to follow the total number of SaaS user accounts over the last 12 months.

A table shows all SaaS user accounts per provider since the last import and how many user accounts have login activity.

Total monthly cost

A graph enables the user to follow the cost for the SaaS subscriptions over the last 12 months.

A table shows the SaaS service providers and the associated costs since the latest import.


Snow License Manager imports information from the SaaS service providers about the total number of subscriptions and the number of subscriptions that have been assigned to users. However, there is no information about the costs for the subscriptions from the service providers. Therefore, the cost periods must be added manually in Snow License Manager to be able to analyze this. For information about how to add cost periods, see Edit cost information.