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Executive summary

Snow License Manager is an advanced Software Asset Management (SAM) solution developed by Snow Software. The SAM process handles business-critical information, such as user data held in the Active Directory, IP addresses, the software running on the network, and the license compliance of that software. To protect this information, Snow License Manager includes features that ensure integrity and confidentiality of the data, preventing unauthorized access, while utilizing modern security technologies.

Snow License Manager utilizes a range of security features, including, but not limiting to:

  • Files generated by Snow Inventory agents or by Snow Integration Connectors are secured with AES-128 encryption. Snow encryption at rest algorithms (AES) are aligned and follow the acceptable levels of AES key length as specified in NIST 800-131.

  • Data that is transferred between Snow License Manager, other Snow products, and the end user, can be secured by using TLS (https). For data-in-transit encryption, Snow products rely on the TLS protocol to securely transfer data. This allows customers to harden algorithms and suites to fulfill specific organizational security policies.

  • In addition to using TLS, unauthorized internet access to the Snow License Manager website can be prevented using IP protection.

  • Database security is ensured through data encryption, dedicated service accounts, no direct user access, and protection against harmful database code.

  • User security is ensured through a single sign-on integration that supports numerous identify providers, or an integrated authentication and authorization system. The latter enforces use of strong passwords, secure password resets, and user account expiration. Access to functionality is restricted by assigned users with roles. User access can be restricted through organizational privileges.

  • If required by privacy laws or by internal company policies, features preventing full display of the inventory data content can be deployed.

  • Snow License Manager supports European GDPR data-handling procedures, for example the right to request available information, and the right to be forgotten, among other law policies.