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Snow License Manager supports six agreement types, described in the following table. It is also possible to create custom agreement types, intended for agreements that do not match any of the pre-defined agreement types.

Agreement type


Software agreement

The only agreement type that allows attachment of licenses.

Maintenance agreement

Hardware maintenance only.

Support agreement

Hardware support agreements only.

Purchase agreement

Hardware purchase agreements only.

Custom agreements

A general agreement type that can be used for any agreement.

Oracle agreement

Oracle agreements only, such as Oracle Support and Software Updates Agreement or an Oracle ULA (Unlimited License Agreement).

Master agreement

A master agreement is an agreement that controls the terms, conditions, and dates of subordinate agreements or tasks. Master agreements can also carry licenses or other objects in the system.


A sub-agreement is an agreement signed within another agreement, a master agreement.

Subscription agreement

A subscription agreement is only valid for a specified period. Licenses that are part of a subscription agreement are only valid over the validity period of the agreement. Subscription licenses attached to a subscription agreement will have their period overridden by the agreement period. For example if a subscription license’s specified period expires after the subscription agreements specified period, the subscription license will not be considered in compliance once the subscription agreement period has expired.

In practice, there are two different ways to manage subscriptions depending on how expiration is handled by the product use rights:

  • If all of your licenses within an agreement expire when the agreement does, you should create the agreement as a subscription agreement and you will not need to add periods to each license you attach.

  • If you have licenses within your agreement that expire at different times, or will expire after the agreement is renewed, you should not add the agreement as a subscription agreement, and should instead add the subscription periods when adding each license purchase.