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Microsoft License Statement (MLS) file import

Snow License Manager can import Microsoft License Statement (MLS) files. The file must be in .xlsx format, and in its original state (unaltered). The MLS import will import agreements and licenses, and map licenses to applications in SLM using the SKU (Stock-keeping Unit) repository. Moreover, the import will apply product use rights information where possible.

License information is imported from the License Agreement and the Transaction Data tabs of the MLS file. The columns that are used for import are described in the user guide Data Import Field Description.

Run import

  1. On the Home menu, select Import data.

    The Import data view appears.

  2. Select MLS import to start the import wizard.

  3. Select Browse, select the import source file, and then select Next.

  4. Change the MLS import settings:

    1. To use an organization alias when linking the agreements or licenses to organization nodes, select the Use organization alias for agreements and/or Use organization alias for licenses check boxes.


      There has to be an alias, case sensitive, for each company name appearing in the Customer Name on Agreement column on the tab License Agreements of the MLS file. Aliases are created when adding/editing an organization node in Snow Management and Configuration Center.

    2. To include incomplete licenses in the import, select the Import incomplete licenses check box.

    3. Select Next.

  5. Verify the agreements, and then select Next.

  6. Verify the licenses, and then select Next to start the import.

  7. Select Finish when the import is complete.