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Export report to file (system save)

The export/system-save feature saves the data of a report configuration to the system as a file. By saving to the system, you can refer back to your reports, share them with other users, or download to a device at any time.

Commonly-used file formats are supported: Comma-separated values (CSV), Portable Document Format (PDF), Microsoft Excel (XLS/XLSX), and eXtensible Markup Language (XML).

When exporting to Microsoft Excel, counts and totals are saved using Excel formulas. In this way, counts and totals will remain consistent with subsequent offline editing of the data.


In Excel, the maximum number of arguments for a formula is 256. Consequently, it is not possible a save report with a formula that exceeds 256 arguments. In such cases, only the value of a count or total is exported and any subsequent editing of the file contents may result in data inconsistencies.

  1. In the All reports view, click the Download Download2.jpg icon next to the report.

    The Export to file dialog box appears.

  2. In the dialog, you can change the Name and Description fields for the report.

  3. Select the Type of file to export to (CSV, PDF, XLS/XLSX, or XML) from the list.

  4. Click Save to export the file.

To view a saved report, from the Reports category, select Report files.