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Upgrade license

Licenses can be upgraded within a single license purchase or simultaneously within multiple licenses. However, selected licenses must belong to the same application family and have the same metric. Note that only existing licenses can be upgraded.

To upgrade one or more licenses:

  1. Perform one of the following steps:

    • To upgrade a single license:

      1. Navigate to the license to be upgraded.

      2. On the context menu, click Upgrade license.

    • To upgrade multiple licenses at the same time:

      1. On the Licenses menu, click List all licenses.

      2. Click the check boxes to the left to select the licenses.

      3. On the context menu, click Upgrade.

  2. The Add license view appears.

  3. On the Base licenses tab, in the Upgrade box for the application, type the number of licenses to be upgraded.

  4. On the Purchase tab, select the application to upgrade to by performing the following steps:

    1. Click the search icon.

      The Find application dialog box appears.

    2. Select to search by application name or SKU.

    3. Type a search criteria and click Search.

    4. Select application in the displayed list and then click OK.

  5. Enter the rest of the license purchase information according to Add license purchase.