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Audit log

The Audit Log keeps track of events related to the Snow License Manager user accounts. Events like changed access rights, passwords, user names, and role permissions are logged with a time stamp and information on who made the change. You can use filtering to see the logs from a specific date range.

The table shows the changes that are logged.




User created or deleted.

User renamed.

Role added or removed

Password changed.

Organization changed.

Organization restriction added or removed.


Role created or deleted.

Role renamed.

Object access added or removed from role.

Report access added or removed from role.

The information in the log can be exported to provide Security and Governance teams with the information they need about changes on user account privilege level. Select to export to Excel or CSV file.


The Audit Log is encrypted by default.

If you want the log to be readable by, for example, a centralized log management system, you can select to have the log in plain text. To do this, clear the AUDITLOG_ENCRYPT setting on the Basic settings page.