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Oracle order list

On the Oracle overview > Entitlements tab, click Orders to reveal the Oracle order list.

The following order statuses are possible on this list of all registered Oracle orders:

  • Complete—All Order information and Products fields are completely filled in and correct (see the final image at the end of this topic); no order information is missing. An order must have this status before you can Assign Oracle licenses to the products included in the order.

  • Partial—All Order information is complete and correct, but there are no products included at all.

  • Incomplete—One or more Order information fields are not complete. There may or may not be problems with the Products fields.


When you view Oracle orders—whether they existed previously or you have just imported Oracle orders or added an Oracle order manually—you see the order statuses listed above in the far left-hand column of the Oracle order list:


However, the actual list of all Order information and Products fields are found on the following two tabs, which you access by opening an order (taking you to the Oracle order detail view) and clicking Edit order:


Go to these tabs on the Edit order view shown above to fix Partial and Incomplete orders.