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Reports are an ideal way to gather data and gain insights about the status of your environment. Reports support decision-making in asset management for activities such as audit tracking and spend optimization. The features available in the Reports category enable you to assemble data in standardized views, customize it, save it to the system, download to your device, share with other users, and schedule to track data over time. The views available in this category are:

  • All reports a list of all standard and user-modified reports.

  • Report files a list of reports created using the system-save feature.

  • Scheduled reports a list of reports created using the scheduling feature.

The system ships with useful pre-configured reports that correspond to common tasks such as Compliance Summary, Cost of unused applications per computer, and Computers without antivirus software installed.

The access rights of the signed-in user and licensing of Snow products control what reports a user can see. To manage user roles and access rights, refer to the User Guide for Snow Management and Configuration Center. For licensing, refer to your purchase with Snow.