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Ensure correct license registrations

By making fields mandatory, adding lists with pre-defined options, and adding descriptions that clearly state the intended purpose of a specific field, the Snow License Manager administrator can ensure that all license purchases are registered in accordance with the IT policy of the company.

Examples of descriptions:

  • Total purchase amount: “Affects the average price for each purchased license and must be specified, with the correct currency.”

  • Invoice reference: “Must be defined for the traceability of the license certificate.”

Examples of lists with pre-defined options:

  • Installation media storage: IT Department, Sales Department, HR Department

  • License proof location: Bank Vault, Office Safe

To enforce correct license registrations:

  1. In the Home category, select Administration.

    The Administration overview appears.

  2. Select License policy.

    The License policy view appears.

  3. Click the EditEdit icon for each Field name to be changed.

    The Field name dialog box appears.

  4. To make a field mandatory:

    1. Select the Required information check box.

    2. Type a Description.

    3. Click Save.

  5. To include a list:

    1. Select the Use multi selection list check box.

    2. Type Selectable options.

    3. To allow other values than the listed options, select the Allow use of custom values check box.

    4. Click Save.


The task License Policy is only available to users with administrative rights.