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Data Update Job

The Data Update Job is a daily recurring Microsoft SQL Server batch job. The job processes new and updated inventory data in the Snow Inventory database into a more usable format for software asset management. It then updates the Snow License Manager database with new and updated inventory information, applies software recognition rules, and calculates usage, compliance, and alerts.

The job runs on a schedule, but you can also run it manually. For more information, see Manage the Data Update Job.

In Snow Management and Configuration Center, the Data Update Job page shows status and scheduling information for the job. On the page you can also see action information, the execution time, information on changes or updates made, and potential error messages.

Action details are logged which makes it easy to troubleshoot and locate any bottlenecks. If an error occurs, the log can be used to locate where the job stopped and what the cause was.


Users of Snow License Manager can access and work with inventory assets while the Data Update Job runs. However, if a specific page or area is momentarily being processed by the Data Update Job, it will temporarily be unavailable.

The main reason for restricting access to a page or area is to prevent inconsistent and incomplete data from being presented.

Depending on how the inventory sources are configured, the Data Update Job gathers data in different ways. For more information, see Supported configurations.