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There is a wide range of stock reports available for asset management, such as Potential software cost savings, Cost of unused applications per computer, and Computers without antivirus software installed.

In the Reports category reports can be viewed, exported, shared, and scheduled. However, only the reports that the logged on user has the rights to see will be displayed. For management of roles, refer to the User Guide of Snow Management and Configuration Center.

Snow License Manager provides a number of different types of reports:

Report type


Stock report

A default report that comes with Snow License Manager.

User report

A report that has been modified by the user.

Shared report

A shared report can be based on any of the reports above. To view the report, the user with whom the report has been shared must have access right to see the base report.

Statistics report

Pie charts are based on statistics reports. Modified and saved reports will appear in the Report view.

Reports view

The Reports view shows a list of all available reports in the system.

  • The top section shows all user modified reports.

  • The mid-section shows all custom reports.

  • The bottom section shows all stock reports.

Manage reports

To maximize performance and ensure you get the information you need, contents and filtering of existing reports can be modified in the SLM Web UI.

There are built-in standard reports, user modified standard reports, shared standard reports and customized reports. The different reports are symbolized with icons according to the following table.




Built-in standard report


User-modified standard report

The report is based on a built-in standard report and modified by a user. The report is only available to the user who created the report.


Shared standard report

The report is a user-modified standard report that is shared with other users. Note that the user with whom the report is shared must have access rights to the report that the modified report is based on.


Customized report