[en] Work with lists

[en] Information in Snow Management and Configuration Center is often presented in lists that can be sorted, grouped, and filtered for customized use.

[en] Manage list columns

[en] Sort columns: Click the column header once or twice to select ascending or descending sorting order. As an alternative, right-click the column header and select sorting order from the menu.

[en] Add or remove columns: Use the Column Chooser to add columns that are not displayed by default, or to remove unnecessary columns.

  1. [en] Right-click the column header, and then click Column Chooser.

    [en] The separate window Customization appears.

  2. [en] To add or remove a column, move it between the list header and the Customization window.

  3. [en] Click Close.png to close the Customization window.

[en] Group columns: Lists can be grouped by dragging columns to the grouping area above the list. The lists can be grouped in one or several levels.

[en] To ungroup, drag the column back to the column header.


[en] Filter list content

[en] List content can be modified directly by using filters.

[en] Custom Autofilter

[en] Point to the column header to display the filter button, and then click the filter icon.

[en] Either scroll through the list to filter the displayed content, or create a custom search by selecting (Custom). The custom filter only applies on the selected column and does not affect other filters in the list.


[en] Filter editor

[en] For advanced filtering with more than one criteria, right-click the column header and select Filter Editor.

[en] In the editor several criteria can be added with different operators, “and/or” statements, and dependencies.


[en] Quick filters

[en] Quick filters are available in the Software Recognition category. Type the search criteria in the field just below the column header. Press Enter or wait a few seconds while the list is reloaded. Only rows that match the given filter will be displayed.

[en] Use % as a wildcard character to include all rows that contain the search string.

[en] To reduce number of hits, add filters for multiple columns.