[en] Microsoft 365 permissions

[en] This table explains what the user can do with different permissions.

[en] Name of permission

[en] What the user can do

[en] BaseAccess = "OFFICE365"

[en] View Dashboard, Users, Reports

[en] Costs = "OFFICE365_COSTS"

[en] View Costs + BaseAccess

[en] EditCosts = "OFFICE365_EDITCOSTS"

[en] Add, Delete Costs + Costs

[en] Subscriptions = "OFFICE365_SUBSCRIPTIONS"

[en] View Subscriptions + BaseAccess

[en] UnlinkedUsers = "OFFICE365_UNLINKEDUSERS"

[en] View, Link/Unlink Users + BaseAccess


[en] This permission requires a view usernames access in Snow License Manager.

[en] Admin

[en] BaseAccess + Costs + EditCosts + Subscriptions + UnlinkedUsers