[en] Organization

[en] The Organization view is used for creating and managing an organization structure. An unlimited number of organization nodes can be created in an unlimited number of levels. However, it is recommended to keep the organization structure as simple as possible, reflecting how license costs are allocated within the organization.

[en] The main part of Organization work space shows the organization structure. To the right, information on Auto Connect Rules and organization Levels is shown.

[en] Import of an organization structure

[en] An organization structure can be imported from an Excel file or from an Active Directory. Note that, if an organization structure is re-imported, connections to items will be lost.

[en] When importing from Excel, the first column of the import source file must specify the organization ID as a complete, comma-separated structure. Also, each organization node must be unique.

Exemple 40.


[en] It is not allowed to use apostrophes in organization names. If an apostrophe is used in an organization name, an error message will appear when the user tries to edit the organization node.

[en] Export of an organization structure

[en] An organization structure can be exported to an XLS, XLSX, or CSV file.

[en] Auto Connect Rules

[en] Auto Connect Rules are used for automatically assigning computers, mobile devices, devices (RDS/Citrix), and users to the right place in the organization structure.

[en] Rule examples with different operators:

[en] Case

[en] Operator

[en] Rule example

[en] Example of results

[en] Wildcard (any)



[en] COMPUTER174


[en] Wildcard (any)


[en] %

[en] Wildcard (1 character)


[en] Compu_er123

[en] Computer123, compuber123

[en] Filter

[en] [a,b,c]

[en] [1-3]

[en] [A,B,C]omputer123

[en] Aomputer123, Bomputer123, Computer123

[en] Filterexclusion

[en] [^1]

[en] Computer[^1]%

[en] Computer234, Computeristo

[en] To display all created Auto Connect Rules attached to an organization node:

  • [en] Click an organization node in the Organization Structure list, and any created rules are displayed on the Auto Connect Rules tab.

[en] To display all auto connect rules attached to all organization nodes, select the Show for all Organization nodes check box:

  • [en] Click an organization node in the Organization Structure list, and all rules assigned to that node will be highlighted in grey.

  • [en] Click a rule in the list, and the organization node to which the rule has been assigned is highlighted in grey.

[en] Levels tab

[en] The Levels tab indicates the level of a selected organization node in the Organization Structure list. To change a level name, double-click it and type a new name.