[en] Introduction

[en] There are many good reasons for organizations to adopt virtualization – lower costs, faster asset deployment, security, flexibility and more. However, virtualization introduces a complexity which must be addressed by the organization’s Software Asset Management strategy.

[en] Snow Software helps organizations manage their virtualized assets by providing the intelligence necessary to build a complete and reliable SAM solution.

[en] The areas that will be discussed in this document are Server virtualization, Desktop virtualization, Session virtualization, and Application virtualization.

[en] Abbreviations

[en] Abbreviation

[en] Description

[en] PVU

[en] Processor Value Unit

[en] SA

[en] Software Assurance (for Windows)

[en] SIAW

[en] Snow Inventory Agent for Windows

[en] SIM

[en] Snow Integration Manager

[en] VDA

[en] Virtual Desktop Access

[en] VDI

[en] Virtual Desktop Infrastructure