[en] Web User Interface Availability

[en] Snow License Manager 9


[en] Introduction

[en] Changes made in how Data Update Job works, from Snow License Manager 9.1 and forward, allows users to sign in to Snow License Manager and perform critical work while Data Update Job runs. The following sections describe the technical details for what makes the web user interface availability possible.

[en] Background

[en] The reason why Snow License Manager web interface was made completely unavailable while Data Update Job ran was mainly to prevent users from making critical decisions based on incomplete data.

[en] Snow License Manager environments have evolved over time, notably with the addition of more data, e.g. metering, computers, users, and software-recognition rules. This evolution affects environments so that Data Update Job runs for longer with every time that data is added, which ultimately can result in a situation where users are not able to sign in during office hours, because Data Update Job is running.

[en] Solution

[en] Snow License Manager 9 introduces the improved Data Update Job, which, among other improvements, contains a rewritten data-transfer solution, introduces parallelism and staging tables, decreases data input/output loads for production tables, and ultimately minimizes the run time of Data Update Job.

[en] The changes in Data Update Job, especially the more granular inspection endpoint, have made it possible to identify exactly what is processed by Data Update Job at any point in time. By mapping this information to corresponding areas in the Snow License Manager web interface, users can now sign in to Snow License Manager, and a more selective lockdown of certain areas of the Snow License Manager web interface is introduced.

[en] User interface

[en] The two tables in this section show which functionalities and what sections of the Snow License Manager web user interface are made unavailable, when Data Update Job-related stored procedures are running on Microsoft SQL Server.

[en] If you wish to see which areas are made unavailable, follow these steps:

  1. [en] Open Snow Management and Configuration Center and sign in.

  2. [en] Select Snow License Manager > Administration > Data Update Job.

    [en] The Data Update Job view appears.

  3. [en] Match the name of a running stored procedure in the Action Info column, with those that are listed in the Stored Procedure column in the table named Stored Procedure-Domain Area Mapping, which is located in this section.

[en] The area that matches the stored procedure that is running is made unavailable in Snow License Manager.

[en] By matching Area from the Stored Procedure-Domain Area Mapping table with Area from the SLM Web Section-Domain Area Mapping table, one can see which sections and functionalities inside Snow License Manager are made unavailable, in the latter table.

[en] Only the stored procedures that are described in the Stored Procedure-Domain Area Mapping table cause areas of Snow License Manager to be unavailable.

[en] The value ANY in the Area column of the SLM Web Section-Domain Area Mapping table means that if any of the stored procedures that are listed in the Stored Procedure-Domain Area Mapping table are running, SLM Web Section/Functionality that is related to ANY will be unavailable.

[en] If any stored procedures run that affect the METERING area, they will make what is listed for the ANY section in the SLM Web Section/Functionality table unavailable.

Tableau 12. [en] Stored Procedure-Domain Area Mapping

[en] Area

[en] Stored Procedure


[en] dbo.JobPreCrunchCustomFields

[en] dbo.JobIdentifyVDIComputers

[en] dbo.JobApplicationInfoUpdate

[en] dbo.JobApplicationUsageUpdate

[en] dbo.JobApplicationConcurrencyDailyPeakUpdate

[en] dbo.JobApplicationConcurrencySummaryUpdate

[en] dbo.JobInventoryApplicationConcurrencyUpdate


[en] dbo.JobInventoryComputerSoftwareCleanup

[en] inv.UpdateQuarantinetblComputer

[en] dbo.JobInventoryComputerHistory

[en] dbo.JobCalculateCoreFactors

[en] dbo.JobInventoryDCCUpdate

[en] dbo.JobPreCrunchCustomFields


[en] dbo.JobInventoryDeviceApplicationBundlesUpdate

[en] dbo.JobInventoryDeviceApplicationsGroupsUpdate

[en] dbo.JobInventoryDeviceApplicationsUpdate

[en] inv.UpdateQuarantinetblDeviceInfo


[en] slm.ArchiveMeteringConcurrency

[en] dbo.JobOrganizationAutoConnectRulesApply

[en] dbo.JobInventoryComputerSoftwarePVUMetricsUpdate

[en] dbo.JobInventoryComputerSoftwareProductUpdate

[en] dbo.JobInventoryComputerSoftwareBundlesUpdate

[en] dbo.JobInventoryComputerSoftwareGroupsUpdate

[en] dbo.JobInventoryComputerSoftwareUpdate

[en] USER

[en] inv.UpdateQuarantinetblUser

[en] dbo.JobPreCrunchCustomFields

Tableau 13. [en] SLM Web Section-Domain Area Mapping

[en] Area

[en] SLM Web Section/Functionality

[en] ANY

[en] All Reports sections

[en] Home > Import data

[en] Home > Administration > Custom compare value types

[en] Home > Administration > Custom fields

[en] Home > Import data > Import


[en] Home > Applications > List all applications > [select check box for computer(s)] > [context menu] > Edit applications

[en] Home > Applications > Application family details

[en] Home > Enterprise > Oracle overview > Edit Database Management Packs

[en] Home > Enterprise > Oracle overview > Edit Database


[en] Home > Computers > List all computers > [select check box for computer(s)] > [context menu] > Edit/Delete/Archive computers

[en] Home > Computers > Datacenters and clusters > [select computer] > Edit datacenter/cluster

[en] Home > Computers > List all mobile devices > [select check box for mobile device(s)] > [context menu] > Edit mobile devices


[en] Home > Computers > List all devices >  [select check box for device(s)] > [context menu] > Edit devices

[en] USER

[en] Home > Users > List all users > [select check box for user(s)] > [context menu] > Edit users

[en] Background services

[en] The background services, which are the Windows Services on the Snow License Manager application server, work in the same way that they did before Snow License Manager 9. When Data Update Job is running, the background services do not perform any tasks. The sole exception is the Compliance service, which will accept calculation requests, but will not automatically run them, but place them in queue, and process them in turn when Data Update Job has finished.

[en] Reports

[en] Most reports are unavailable when Data Update Job is processing, because most of them contain many dependencies on other areas of Snow License Manager.

[en] Database tables

[en] The database tables named inv.tblJobParallelStep and dbo.tblApplicationDomainMaster are joined to indicate whether the system should perform lockdown on an area in Snow License Manager.

[en] inv.tblJobParallelStep

[en] Snow License Manager 9 introduces the following table to keep track of datastreams and stored procedures that are running as part of Data Update Job.

[en] Column name

[en] Allowed data types

[en] DataFlowId

[en] FK, tinyint, not null

[en] DataStreamId

[en] PK, FK, tinyint, not null

[en] DataFlowProcedure

[en] PK, sysname(nvarchar(128)), not null

[en] InventoryDBName

[en] PK, nvarchar(100), not null

[en] JobName

[en] sysname(nvarchar(128)), null

[en] Status

[en] int, not null


[en] For the "Status" column, -1 signifies that any stored procedure that Data Update Job consists of, is currently running.

[en] dbo.tblApplicationDomainMaster

[en] Snow License Manager 9 introduces the following table to facilitate the Snow License Manager web user interface availability.

[en] Column name

[en] Allowed data types

[en] DataFlowProcedure

[en] sysname, not null

[en] TableImpacted

[en] sysname, not null

[en] ApplicationDomain

[en] nvarchar(100), not null

[en] Conclusion

[en] The web user interface availability solution allows users to sign in to Snow License Manager. Pages that are being processed by Data Update Job will be unavailable for a minimal time span, with the exception of reports. Users are able to work with data, for example by editing applications, computers, and users.