[en] DB changes not specific to Data Update Job

[en] This section contains a reference of SnowInventory and SnowLicenseManager database object changes introduced in Snow License Manager 9.

[en] Changes have been made to the SnowLicenseManager database schema. Therefore, if a customer upgrading to Snow License Manager 9 has implemented custom stored procedures and custom reports in version 8, these will need to be updated if they have been affected by any of the database changes below.

[en] Added tables

[en] Table

[en] Purpose

[en] dbo.tblSystemUserCurrency

[en] Optimizing calculation of Custom Fields

[en] o365.ViewModelSubscriptionPlanCost

[en] O365 improvements, pre-calculating costs of subscriptions to improve load times

[en] sea.MigrationVersion

[en] Migration Version table to the SEA namespace to handle upgrades

[en] dbo.tblComputerWinServerInventory

[en] Result table for Windows Server Assessment reports

[en] dbo.tblComputerWinServerInventoryRisks

[en] Potential risks in Windows Server Assessment Reports

[en] Removed table

[en] Table

[en] Reason


[en] (obsolete)

[en] Added columns

[en] Table

[en] Columns

[en] Reason


[en] LastLoggedOnUser nvarchar(100) NULL

[en] IsVirtual bit NULL

[en] BiosSerialNumber nvarchar(100) NULL

[en] IsPortable bit NULL

[en] IsServer bit NULL

[en] ProcessorType nvarchar(100) NULL

[en] ProcessorCount int 

[en] CoreCount int NULL

[en] MemorySlots int NULL

[en] MemorySlotsAvailable int NULL

[en] PhysicalMemory int NULL

[en] SystemDiskSpace bigint NULL

[en] SystemDiskSpaceAvailable bigint NULL

[en] TotalDiskSpace bigint NULL

[en] TotalDiskSpaceAvailable bigint NULL

[en] MacAddresses nvarchar(100) NULL

[en] DisplayAdapters nvarchar(200) NULL

[en] ScanIdentifier nvarchar(100) NULL

[en] ClientVersion nvarchar(256) NULL

[en] ClientInstallDate datetime NULL

[en] ClientSiteName nvarchar(100) NULL

[en] ClientConfigurationName nvarchar(100) NULL

[en] PurchaseDate datetime NULL

[en] Vendor nvarchar(100) NULL

[en] InvoiceReference nvarchar(50) NULL

[en] PurchasePrice numeric(18,2) NULL

[en] PurchaseCurrency nvarchar(10) NULL

[en] TotalCostOfInstalledApplications numeric(18,2) NULL

[en] TotalCostForThisComputer numeric(18,2) NULL

[en] These new columns enable more detailed reporting on archived computers


[en] UpgradedLegalLicenseCount

[en] For cross-metric and quantity license upgrades


[en] GlobalCustomFieldID

[en] Added a GUID to each custom field


[en] HypervisorType

[en] HighAvailability

[en] VmwareDRS

[en] These new columns allow users to specify if  a cluster is set up as a high-availability cluster for all hyper-visors to enable the calculation of Windows Server Licensing