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Snow Atlas

The SaaS offering of Snow's Technology Intelligence Platform, Snow Atlas, contains web client requirements for use of the services, as well as requirements for Snow Extender. Some additional technologies require local installations, and system requirements are described in their respective sections.

Web client requirements

Snow supports browser versions that are supported by the respective browser vendor, and that implement the following features:

  • JavaScript

  • cookies

  • CSS

IP addresses for Snow Atlas


IP address

Snow Extender



Network requirements

Outgoing: TCP port 443 must be allowed, directly or using a proxy server

Incoming: dependent on how the endpoint is configured

Operating system

Microsoft Windows


Snow supports Windows versions and editions that have not reached end of mainstream support nor retirement. See the Microsoft Lifecycle Product End of Support overview page for details.

Cipher suites





The required cipher suites are available starting from Microsoft Windows Server 2016 (and Microsoft Windows 10).

Installed software

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

Processor architecture

x64 (64-bit)


20 GB free space minimum


8 GB or greater

Network card

1000 Mbit Ethernet

Snow Inventory Agents and Oracle Scanners

Requirements for installation of these technologies are available in Snow Inventory Agents and Oracle Scanners.

Snow Integration Manager

Requirements for installation of this technology are available in Snow Integration Manager 5.