Adding vCenter Cloud Accounts

Important: See Getting started for a list of tasks to complete before adding a vCenter cloud account.


Views > Inventory > Infrastructure, Applications, or Storage tab

Available to:

Commander Roles of Superuser and Enterprise Admin

To add a vCenter cloud account:

  1. Select the root node of the inventory tree.
  2. At the top of the Summary page, click Add Cloud Account.
  3. In the Add Cloud Account dialog, select VMware Virtual Center from Cloud Account Type.
  4. Complete the fields as required:
    • Name: Enter a name for the cloud account.

      Service Portal users may see this name if they have permission.

    • Host: Enter the unique name of the cloud account using its IP address or host name. If required, specify a port for https other than the default of 443.
    • Username: Enter the user name for the account you will use to administer this cloud account.
    • For a domain account, use the following format: domain\username.

    • Password: Enter the password for this account.
  5. Click OK.