VMware vCenter

This topic explains how to get started with vCenter in Commander.

Getting started

To manage a vCenter cloud account with Commander:

  1. Record the IP address or the host name.
  2. Create an administrative account in the vCenter Server system.

    The account must have full administrative access to retrieve information about VMs and the infrastructure, to manage VM identity, to power VMs on and off, and to perform other policy-related actions.

  3. Add your vCenter server to Commander as a cloud account.

    The IP address (or the host name) and the credentials for the administrative account are used to add the cloud account to Commander. For more information, see Adding vCenter Cloud Accounts.

  4. Retrieve historical events.

    For more information, see Retrieve Historical Data for vCenter Cloud Accounts.

  5. Assign access rights to admin users.

    For more information, see Assign access rights to administrative users.