Service Description

On the Service Description page you can customize display options for the vCenter service.




Enter the name to be displayed for the service in the Service Catalog.

This name is used as the label for the Service section of the Request New Service form. Choose a distinctive Service Name to help requesters fill out the form.


Optional: A description of the service that's displayed in the Service Catalog.

Along with the Name field, the Description field is used in Service Catalog searches, so adding a description can help users find service catalog entries.


Choose an icon from those available. To add an icon, click Manage Icons. See Managing Icons for the Service Catalog for more details.


To help users find this service in a long list, choose one or more categories from those available. To add a category, click Manage Categories. See Managing Categories for the Service Catalog for more details.

What's next?

When you have finished, click Next to go to the Component Blueprints page in the wizard.