Change the Refresh Period for Marketplace AMIs

By default, Commander checks for updates to the list of Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) from AWS Marketplace every 72 hours. When a refresh occurs, Marketplace AMIs are updated for all regions.

When you change the refresh period, Commander forces an immediate refresh. You might need to refresh if:

  • Commander performance may be affected by more frequent marketplace refreshes. As such, we recommend using the default refresh period.
  • If you want to force a refresh, you can change the value for the refresh period and then reset it to use the default value.


Configuration > System > Advanced tab

Available to:

Commander Role of Superuser

  1. On the Advanced Configuration page, enter the following in the search field:


  2. Double-click the entry in the list.
  3. In the Advanced Configuration dialog, enter a number in the text field.
    • If you're only changing the refresh period to force a refresh, enter a value of 1.

      If the last refresh occurred less than an hour ago, you need to wait an hour for your changes to take effect.

    • If you want to reset the default refresh period, click Use Default.
  4. Click Save.