Create New Service Requests

You can create customized forms that users will use to submit requests for new services. These forms will be used to present the general service settings for new service requests.

If one or more components have been added to the service, an additional component-specific page will be added to the service request form. This component form page is defined separately when you add components to services for the Service Catalog. For more information, see Component blueprints.


Configuration > Self-Service

Available to:

Commander Roles of Superuser and Enterprise Admin

  1. Click the Forms tab.
  2. Click Add.
    • You can select an existing new service request and click Copy. This option can save you time because it copies an existing request's configuration.
    • You can also select Edit to modify existing request's forms.
  3. In the Add Request Form dialog, enter a form name.

    This is the name that the new service request will be saved with. By default, this will also be the name that's displayed to users in the list of available new service requests and in request emails.

  4. Optional: Enter a Display Name if you want users to see a different name for the request.
  5. Select a Publish option, to specify who should have access to this new service request form.
    • Publish - Global: The request form will serve as the default new service request form, which will be available to all users who don't have a form published specifically for them.

      There can be only be one default new service request form. All new service request forms except for the default must be assigned to specific organizations, users, and groups.

    • Publish - Specific organizations, users and groups: The request form to be used specific organizations or users.
      • To add an organization, click the Organizations tab, select an available organization, and click Add. Repeat for each organization that you want to add.
      • To add users, click Users/Groups, enter a valid user name (either a local user, such as Manager, or a directory service user name, such as <username@domain>) and click Add. Repeat for each user that you want to add.
  6. Click OK.

    The elements that comprise the new form are displayed in the middle Service Form section.

  7. To add and edit the elements that will construct the form's appearance and content, do any of the following:
    • To add a new field, click an element in the Toolbox on the right.

      The element is added to the bottom of the form. See Service Request Form Elements for a list of available form elements.

      To make a field mandatory, enable the Required checkbox. When users view the form, an asterisk (*) will indicate mandatory fields.

    • To modify an element, select it and click Edit. Customize the element as required, then click OK to save to your changes.
    • To change the order in which the elements will be displayed in the form, drag-and-drop the elements or use the up and down arrows.
    • To delete an element, select it and click Delete.
    • To create relationships between form fields, so that the value selected for one element affects the selectable values for another, see Create Relationships Between Attributes Used on Forms.

  8. To preview what the form will look like, click Preview.

    New service request forms are previewed with services currently in your catalog. If organizations and users are assigned, the preview will use the first (alphabetically) assigned organization and assigned user.

  9. To save your form, click Save.

    To discard all changes and go back to the last-saved version of the form, click Revert.

Delete forms

You can delete any new service forms, except for the default new service request form. The default new service form can't deleted.


Configuration > Self-Service

Available to:

Commander Roles of Superuser and Enterprise Admin

  1. Click the Forms tab.
  2. From the Form Library area, select a form and click Delete.