Most Expensive Cloud Accounts


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The Most Expensive Cloud Accounts chart shows the cost of VMs and other services aggregated over the past 30 days.

Use the Most Expensive Cloud Accounts chart to see which cloud accounts are the most expensive and take appropriate action to reduce costs. If the cost of one cloud account doesn't correlate to its workload, you can further investigate and set up policies to reduce costly resources during non-peak hours. With insight into the total cost of each cloud account, you can make informed decisions about migrating services from one cloud account to another.

Each slice represents a separate cloud account. For example, if you have more than one AWS account, there will be separate entries for each AWS account you have.

The chart represents 100% of your cloud accounts. If you choose to display fewer cloud accounts than you have, the cloud accounts that are the least expensive will be grouped together in the “Others” category. For example, if you have 15 cloud accounts and you configure the pie chart to display the top 10 cloud accounts, the resulting chart will show 11 slices. The slice labeled “Others” will represent the sum of the remaining 5 cloud accounts.

You can click to export the data in XLS format.

If you don’t see the costs you expect to see or if no costs are visible, see Troubleshooting Cost Analytics.