Connect Public Clouds through Web Proxy Servers

When managing public clouds, Commander must be able to reach the Internet. Therefore, additional configuration is required to integrate a web proxy server with Commander for connection to public clouds.

This topic covers connecting AWS, GCP, and Azure to Commander through a web proxy server.

  • You can only integrate with one web proxy server; this proxy server must be deployed on a different server from the Commander instance.
  • For Azure and GCP, only basic authentication is supported; NTLM proxies aren't supported.


Configuration > System

Available to:

Commander Role of Superuser

  1. Click the Integration tab.
  2. Click Add and choose Public Cloud Proxy Server.
  3. In the Public Cloud Proxy Server dialog, for Host/IP, enter the host name or IP address of your proxy server. You can also enter a port number, or accept the default port number, 3128.
  4. If your proxy server requires authentication, click Add Credentials. Then do the following:
    1. In the Add Credentials dialog, enter the user name and password Commander will use to connect to your proxy.
    2. Enter a description to help other Commander users know what these credentials are used for.
    3. Click OK.

    Back in the Public Cloud Proxy Server dialog, the credentials you just added are selected in the Credentials menu.

  5. For Domain, optionally specify the Windows domain name for configuring an NTLM proxy.
  6. For Workstation, optionally specify the Windows workstation name for configuring an NTLM proxy.
  7. Click Test to test the connection. If you see the message "Could not establish connection to specified proxy using configured settings", check your settings. You can click OK to save the current proxy server configuration while you troubleshoot.
  8. If you need to verify the credentials you created, go to Configuration > Credentials.

  9. Once you see a Success message, click OK.

To use a configured web proxy server, do one of the following

  • If you haven't already added an AWS account, a GCP account, or an Azure subscription as a cloud account, when you add the cloud account, enable the Use Public Cloud Proxy setting.
  • If you've already added a public cloud account to Commander, and you want it to use the proxy, in the Infrastructure view or the Applications view, select the cloud account, then select Edit Cloud Account. In the Edit Cloud Account dialog, enable Use Public Cloud Proxy and click OK.