Set Single-Service Mode

By default, Commander allows users to add multiple services to a new service request. However, you may want to prevent users from requesting multiple services in a single request. Administrators may prefer to provision only one service per request. Additionally, certain Commander variables work best when you create only single-VM services and allow only single-service requests — namely, workflow variables and deployment parameters for service request approval. For more information, see Add Data to Workflows With Variables and Specify Deployment Parameters for Services.

When you disable multi-service requests:

  • Users don't see the Add more services button in the New Service Request dialog.
  • If the Instance Count form element appears on the New Service Request form, it displays "1" for a value, rather than allowing users to select a number. We recommend removing this form element from your Service forms in single-service mode. See Service Request Form Elements.


Configuration > Self-Service

Available to:

Commander role of Superuser

  1. Click the Provisioning tab.
  2. In the Global Provisioning Configuration section, clear Allow multi-service requests.

    Users are now prevented from adding multiple services to a new service request. In-progress service requests are unaffected by a change to this setting.