External Page Variables

This topic provides a list of variables supported when configuring access to external per-organization pages and external per-VM pages for Service Portal users. For general information on variables, see Add Data to Workflows With Variables.

If you need a variable that isn't documented, create a case through the Snow Support Portal, and if the variable is available, we'll provide you with the variable name. We'll also add it to the list of documented variables in the next release.

External Pages Per Organization

Organization Custom Attributes
Custom Attributesession.organization.customAttribute['*']The value of the specified custom attribute for the organization.
User's Organizationsession.organization.nameThe name of the logged-in user's organization.

External Page Per VM

Cloud Account Nametarget.cloudAccount.nameThe name of the cloud account.
Organization Custom Attributes
Custom Attributetarget.organization.customAttribute['*']The value of the specified custom attribute for the organization.
Deployed Nametarget.deployedNameThe deployed name of the component.
DNS nametarget.dnsNameThe DNS name of the VM. For AWS VMs, which have both a private and a public DNS name, this is the public DNS name.
Expiry Datetarget.expiryDateThe date set for the VM to expire. Values can be: Date, No Expiry Date Set, or Never Expires.
Management Server Typetarget.mediatorTypeThe management server type. Values can be: Unknown, Vim2, Vim2.5, Vim4, Vim4.1, Vim5, Vim5.1, VIM55, MS SCVMM, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Kubernetes.
Organization Nametarget.organization.nameThe organization of the VM.
Remote IDtarget.remoteIdAn identifier for the VM/component in the cloud account. Do not use for customized VM naming.
Target Custom Attributes
Custom Attributetarget.customAttribute['*']The value of the specified custom attribute for the deployed target.

For custom cost calculations, this variable is supported for both requests and deployed services.