Step 8: Prepare Completion Workflows

Completion workflows support post-provisioning tasks for new service requests, such as installing applications, integrating or updating third-party systems, and informing key stakeholders. You can configure conditional workflow steps and use variables to access information captured during the request process. You can configure completion workflows for an entire service, or for individual components.

Design considerations

When preparing completion workflows, consider the following:

  • Does software need to be installed after deployment? Do you need to run other scripts? If so, is there a preferred method of doing so today?
  • Should additional ownership beyond the person who requested the VM be set at this time?
  • Are additional notifications desirable?
  • Are there specific IPAM requirements that can be implemented using completion workflows?

Best practices

Use completion workflows to automate the most error-prone and time-consuming tasks.


A completion workflow can:

  • Wire multiple components together from a networking perspective — If you have a service containing a Tomcat server, a SQL server database, and an nginx web server, a service-level completion workflow can configure and link the three components by updating configuration files with proper networking information (such as IP addresses).
  • Configure a load balancer or firewall for a group of components — Once all deployed components in a service are configured, a service-level completion workflow can communicate with a load balancer to include the service into its cluster.
  • Advertise that a service is available — A service-level completion workflow can specify that whenever an asset, VM or service is created or deleted, your IT management and CMDB software are updated.
  • Configure OS Networking Through Workflow Steps
  • Install an operating system, patches, and applications.

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