Installation Process

Before beginning, create two databases on the SQL Cluster. One database will be the production database where your actual data is stored and against which the active node operates, and the other will be a dummy database that is used to install or upgrade the application nodes, after which the connection strings will be reset to the production database. The dummy database remains in place after you complete the install so that a valid Commander database schema is present for upgrades in the future.

If you already have a production Commander installed, the instructions remain the same. Your active system is Node 1.

For more information on the network and database requirements, please refer to the Snow Commander Installation Guide.

The steps below reference configuration points that are required for installation in a cluster, but there are other settings you may want to configure to your own preferences. See HA Properties Configuration File Reference for more details.

Note that these instructions include the use of the Snow Commander Control Panel. Once database information is entered in a Commander node’s file, this is how the database connection is established. Modifying the database connection using the Snow Commander Control Panel will have no effect.

For specific installation steps, consult either of the following: