The latest version of Commander currently supports the REST API v2. However, new feature development is being done for its replacement, REST API v3. Therefore, unless you're supporting existing applications, we encourage you to use REST API v3.

To view the Commander REST API v2 reference online help in a new browser or tab, click the link below:

Note: If you have access to a Commander installation, you can enter the following URL in your browser to access the REST API v2 online Help in a separate browser window:
https://<Commander hostname or IP address>:<port>/apihelp

For additional information, you can also see the Commander REST API Getting Started Guide (included with the REST API package).

While you can use any REST client to communicate with the REST API v2 service, Commander also provides a PowerShell client. This client converts the XML input/output parameters into PowerShell objects. To download the REST API PowerShell client, log in to Snow Globe, then download the client from the Download Commander REST Client article.