Commander API

Commander has an API that uses standard HTTP methods (GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE). You can use any REST client to communicate with the Commander REST service.

The Commander API offers features such as:

  • A simple and easy-to-use structure.
  • Pagination on all multiple return calls.
  • Detailed response messages.
  • Interactive documentation.

For information on how to get started with the Commander API, see Get Started.

To access the latest version of the Commander API reference documentation, click the link below.

  • The Commander API reference document provided through the link above matches the latest Commander version. If you are using an earlier Commander version, refer to the API reference documentation included with your installation.
  • Commander also has a Commander Legacy API, which consumes and produces XML documents through standard HTTP methods. Although the Commander Legacy API is still supported, all new feature development is being done for the Commander API. Note that Commander only provides a PowerShell client for the Commander Legacy API.

If you have access to a Commander installation, you can enter the following URL in your browser to access the reference documentation for the Commander API in a separate browser window:
https://<Commander hostname or IP address>:<port>/rest/docs/v3