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Register for Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

Snow Device Manager supports the Knox Mobile Enrollment program for bulk and automatic enrollment of Samsung devices supporting the Knox framework. For more information about the Knox Mobile Enrollment program, see

To register for Knox Mobile Enrollment:

  1. Register for a Knox Mobile Enrollment account in the Knox Portal.

  2. Build the Snow Device Manager profile in the Knox Portal by providing:

    • Snow Device Manager Server URI

      Example 4.

      https://[Your Snow Device Manager host address]

      Contact Snow Support if you don't know your Snow Device Manager host address.

    • JSON custom configuration string

      Example 5.
      "sdm_customer_name":"Example Customer",

      The following configurations can be set in the JSON string:

      • sdm_customer_name (mandatory) - Customer name. For reference only.

      • sdm_server_url (optional) - Used for enrollment with username. Valid input is a Snow Device Manager server address.

      • sdm_enrollment_type (mandatory) - Valid input is server, usercredentials or companycode. Typically use usercredentials.

      • sdm_force_enroll (mandatory) - Set to true to force the device to enroll. Set to false to allow the user to exit enrollment.

      • sdm_lock_enroll_method (mandatory) - When set to true, the only available enrollment method is the method configured in sdm_enrollment_type. When set to false, all enrollment methods are available.

      • sdm_domain (optional) - Used for enrollment with username. Valid input is a Snow Device Manager domain name.

      • sdm_allow_backup (mandatory) - Set to true to allow backup on the device. Set to false to restrict backup on the device.

      The remaining syntax is for upcoming functionality and should be left unchanged.

We recommend using Samsung Knox in combination with the user credential/appstore device enrollment method. In order to do so, the following configurations are needed:

  1. Activate Appstore Enroll in the domain, see Manage services.

  2. Add an email domain binding to allow for routing enrollment requests to your domain.

    This step is only needed for enrollment with email address.