Basic commands

This chapter describes some of the basic commands in Snow Device Manager.

Manage list views

The manager can view, filter, and sort items in list views.


To view a list of items on the workspace, click one of the following items on the View tab:

  • Devices

  • Users

  • Document shares

  • Deployments

  • Packages

  • Applications

View a single item

  • Double-click the item.


  • In a column header, click the Contains box and type a criterion.



  • Click a column to switch between ascending and descending order.

Add columns

  1. Right-click any column header and then click Column Chooser.

  2. In the Column Chooser, drag the column to where you want to add it.


Group by a column

  • Drag a column to the Drag a column here to group by this column area.



Type for example a device name, a user name, an email address or a phone number in the Search box to search for users and devices.



Use Find to search for a list of users or devices. The list of users or devices can for example be copied from a list in Notepad or Microsoft Excel. To find users or devices, perform the following procedure:

  1. On the View tab, click Find.

    The Find items dialog box appears.

  2. Paste a list of users or devices in the dialog box, separated by line breaks.

  3. In the Find list, select how the users or devices are identified.

  4. Click Find.

    A list of the found items appears on the workbench.