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Global tab

The information on the Global tab shows the global configuration files, users, device profiles, and certificates for the system.


The information is displayed in four tabs according to the following table.





The global default configuration files in the system.

The files are used for all domains.


The global users of the system.

The users with a Snowflake icon are system services and are created at system setup. These users are used for the different services in the system.

The users with a User icon are the system created Admin users or created users. These users will have access to all domains on the system based on user rights.


The available device profiles in the system.

To edit the profile settings or enable/disable a certain profile from being available, double-click a profile.

A device profile must be enabled here to be available for any of the domains on the system.


The system certificates.

The SSL certificate that is used when accessing the system must be installed here.