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Domain tab

The top view of the Domain tab shows a list of all active domains. The bottom view shows a list of all unloaded domains, that is, all domains that has been made inactive.


Active domains

The list of active domains is displayed together with information about what server they are loaded on. There is also additional information about the domains. Icons with different colors indicates if the domain is loaded on more than one server.

To start Domain admin for further management of a specific domain, double-click the domain.

To display a menu with more options that can be performed on a domain, right-click the domain.

Menu option



Start Domain admin.


Create a new domain.


Trigger all services in the domain, for example the synchronization of users from the Active Directory.


Unload the domain, that is, make the domain inactive.


Unload and load the domain again on the system.

Data Export

Export the domain information.

Data Import

Import the domain information.

Unloaded domains

To load an unloaded domain:

  1. Right-click the unloaded domain and click Load.

  2. Select the back-end server to load the domain to.