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Configure HubSpot connector

The Snow Integration Connector for HubSpot is used to determine the number of registered HubSpot users.

The configuration must be started and prepared according to SaaS connector configuration.


A HubSpot user account with site admin permissions is required to connect to the HubSpot API and extract the number of users. Users also need to create a Private App in the HubSpot and generate an access token with two read scopes.

Set up HubSpot

Create a private app and generate an access token to use Snow Integration Manager with HubSpot.

  1. Sign in to HubSpot with a user account that has site admin permissions.

  2. Select the account name section in the top right corner of the screen.

  3. Select Integrations from the menu.

  4. Select Private Apps, and then select Create private app.

  5. Set read access to the following endpoints:

    • crm.objects.owners

    • crm.objects.contacts


  6. Select Create app. The Access token box appears.

  7. Select Copy to copy the token.


In the Configure HubSpot section at the bottom of Connector Configuration: SaaS:

  1. In the Access Token box, paste the access token that was copied in Set up HubSpot.

  2. To verify that the connection between Snow Integration Manager and HubSpot can be established, select Test Connection.

  3. To activate the connector, select Active.

  4. To save the configuration, select Save.

  5. Select OK.