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Connector configuration

The MobileIron connector is configured in Snow Integration Manager (SIM). For more information on SIM, refer to Snow Integration Manager.


A supported version of MobileIron is required. Refer to Snow Compatibility Matrix for versions supported by the Snow Integration Connector for MobileIron.

Prerequisites for MobileIron Core 8.x Connected Cloud with API v1: For API Authentication and data retrieval, a MobileIron Core account with the API role enabled is required.

Prerequisites for MobileIron Core 9.x or later (On-Premise and Connected Cloud) with API v2: For API authentication and data retrieval, a MobileIron Core account with the following settings is required:

  • Under the global Admin space, the below roles should be enabled for the user:

    • Device Management –View dashboard, device page, device details

    • Privacy Control –View apps and ibooks in device details

  • Under the global Admin space, the below roles should be disabled/cleared for the user:

    • Other Roles – Enforce single session (all spaces)

Configure the MobileIron connector

The MobileIron connector uses an API connection.

In Snow Integration Manager, add the MobileIron connector and configure the settings:

  1. In the Core Admin Portal URL box, enter the URL to the MobileIron Core Admin Portal.

    Example 31.


  2. In the User id and Password boxes, enter the credentials for a user account in the MobileIron Core Admin Portal.

  3. In the Select Version list, select the appropriate version of MobileIron Core.

  4. If the MobileIron solution is on-premise, select the OnPremise checkbox.


    The OnPremise checkbox is only available for MobileIron version Core 9.x, or later versions.

  5. To verify the connection, select Test connection.

  6. In the Initial aggregation length box, select number of months for initial aggregation of inventory data.

  7. To reset an ongoing incremental aggregation, select Clear Last Aggregation Date.

  8. Optionally, in the Name box, enter a Site name for this connector.